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What our customers are saying

In short, MSS is the real deal and I will be making that clear when I post. I suspect my opinion will be echoed by my instructor, who was equally impressed.

— Michael

The first thing that I wanted was your springs, the stock is just not worthy
When i installed the springs on my car i jumped in and i noticed it in a don't feel that bumpy ride as before.

— Hendrick

The height is just perfect, the arch gap is so even all round!!!!

— A Happy Customer

I love the product and favour it over the (competitor) variant which requires additional delete kits and... and... and...
I have introduced so many people to your product all over the world and everyone has come back with positive feedback.

— Shaun

I appreciated the 'packet' you used to house the instructions, etc. within the box. It reinforces the premier experience of your product... It was obvious to me throughout the un-boxing process that someone had spent a great deal of time thinking about each step and how to make them consistent so that the overall experience was not let down.

— Karl

MSS Track very much satisfied my need for a track-capable but street-focused ‘best of both’ set-up. The car is wonderfully composed and comfortable, whether it be around town or at 130mph on the Autobahn, with improved predictability and balance that brings out extra enjoyment and confidence when pressing on.

— Ross