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MSS vs. Traditional Aftermarket Suspension

MSS Suspension Solutions

MSS deliver game-changing suspension solutions that completely transform the handling of your vehicle and puts you back in charge of your ride, but how do we compare to the alternative aftermarket solutions? 

Let’s delve into some of the pros and cons of traditional aftermarket suspension solutions…

Ride Height Adjustment

When comparing MSS suspension solutions to lowering springs and coilovers, our products have the most flexibility when it comes to the adjustment of a vehicle’s ride height. 

Lowering springs are fixed and therefore offer no adjustment, whereas coilovers do offer height adjustment but can be difficult to change on some vehicles due to access space around the top mount adjusters. Original ride height cannot be achieved with coilovers. 

With MSS suspension, however, all three product ranges allow for adjustment of vehicle ride height. The unique use of a mid-positioned adjuster we use, allows vehicles with limited access to be able to change the ride height when required. Unlike lowering springs and coilovers, MSS suspension is able to return to the factory original ride height with ease, which proves useful for road clearance, especially during the Winter months.

Compression and Rebound Capabilities

Full adjustability for preload, compression and rebound can be found in the higher price range for coilovers. Adjustments are only usually utilised properly by race drivers and teams who understand the effects of such adjustments, and those who have access to telemetry and can interpret data. 

As with the OEM arrangement, the lowering springs have limited capabilities when it comes to compression and rebound due to the use of one single spring. 

MSS suspension has excellent compression and rebound capabilities built in, allowing vehicles to settle quickly over road undulations. Grip is improved as tyres maintain greater contact with the road, offering the driver better performance and safety!

Use with OEM Suspension Damper

As lowering springs are a spring only product, the customer has no choice but to use the product with the OEM suspension damper. Unlike lowering springs, coilovers are supplied with their own damper strut and are more difficult and expensive to fit because of this. They are also more difficult to return to stock which is important for the likes of lease vehicles.

Our suspension is super easy to fit – as easy to fit as a lowering spring! All MSS products are fully optimised to work with the OEM strut. 

MSS Suspension Spring

Spring Technology

Our suspension utilises two active springs, with three separate spring rates (our orange springs are single rated, whereas the black springs are dual rated). The combination of these springs deliver a huge range of capabilities in operation – a smooth and almost linear transition. We utilise a race derived ‘tender spring’ which is dual rated with active coils, allowing suspension to travel when vehicle weight is placed upon it. 

Lowering springs don’t really offer anything new to the table in terms of spring technology benefits compared to OE. The springs are simply shorter and the benefits are based around lowering the vehicle’s centre of gravity and reducing body roll. The stance looks are also a benefit to some. 

Coilovers tend to utilise a ‘helper spring’ – a spring designed to completely collapse under the weight of a vehicle and used to maintain load on the main spring at full travel. When the helper spring is closed, it becomes completely inactive. In contrast, the MSS systems use a tender spring which stays open at normal load, making this active all the time.

Price Range

The price range between the three traditional aftermarket suspension solutions is quite drastic. The lowering springs price matches their ability and flexibility, coming in the cheapest at approximately £250. 

Although they are not quite so adjustable and flexible as MSS suspension solutions, the coilovers come in at a much higher price, ranging from £700 to over £1,500. 

MSS suspension is £600 – providing a mid-range price between the other aftermarket suspension options, and a lot more functionality – delivering superior performance, unparalleled comfort and enhanced safety.

And there you have it – the comparison between our suspension solutions and other solutions on the market currently. 

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