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MSS Announce Suspension Product for Tesla


“Developing MSS for the Tesla Model 3 has been an exciting journey in every sense. To refine this vehicle and bring even more to the table, has been a proud moment for our entire team”

William Blankson, Managing Director & Head of Engineering 

Due to the fast-paced nature of the electric vehicle marketplace, we knew our choice of distribution partner had to have the same energy and enthusiasm for development as we do.

We are pleased to formally welcome UK based, and well established, Evolve Automotive as ‘MSS Global Distribution Partner’ for our Tesla products.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing the details of the Tesla development journey including the remarkable transformation we have achieved.

We will also hear more from Imran, Founder of Evolve Automotive, about his passion for the Tesla¬† – and his focus to ensure driver’s and resellers feel the benefits of the duel stacked springs offering triple rated technology that is MSS.

All MSS aftermarket suspension solutions deliver superior performance, unparalleled comfort and enhanced safety – in one product and without compromise.

For details on stocking or purchasing  MSS for Tesla products please email Evolve Automotive

For MSS product enquires please contact us

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