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MSS Partner with Audi Club Western Canada


MSS are proud to be partnering with Audi club, Canada,Western Chapter.

In this blog, we talk to the chapter’s president, Troy Dashney about his MSS-installed Audi TTS. Troy is married to Heather who shares his passion for cars and travel. The couple live in the stunning province city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and when he is not enjoying his beautiful country, Troy works nationally, and internationally, as a commercial interior designer.


Hi Troy, at last we are ‘official’ thank you so much for reaching out to us on this partnership.

I am really pleased we could make it happen.


Let’s talk about your car. 

I own a 2011 Audi TTS,  and I have been modifying it from the beginning.

You are brave. Is there a story behind your TTS?

I always wanted a sports car. This was an impulse buy on my birthday, and I like to describe it as ‘freedom’

That is some birthday treat. Maybe next time just go to a cake store?

Laughs, well it would definitely be cheaper.

A former client I worked with was a German company . Their owner had a first gen TT and I always loved it.

I respond to the lines. They are really simple and beautiful.  There was a purity to the car’s form.  

Because I am in design,  I love to respect original engineering, and keep the ‘for what it was intended’ design.  I think it’s a sense of mutual respect. 

This car just made sense to me from that perspective – it wasn’t trying to be a Ferrari or a Porsche. The car is beautiful, and I also think the coupe just tops it over the convertible, as it retains those amazing lines – even though I have a convertible!


That makes sense. Earlier on, you used the word ‘Freedom’ What an amazing description

Yeah, certainly in a convertible, I think it’s the closest feeling to an open race car.  Pressing down on the gas, especially where we live, as we are so close to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.  There is nothing better than truly seeing your surroundings on a spirited drive with the top down, and with the incredible space. Even though it’s zero degrees I have the heat on and the windows up – but the top is down!


Love that!  OK, tell about when you bought your TTS –  what did you drive to the dealership in? 

It was as different as you can get.  It was a 2013 ford P151 platinum pickup truck.

What!? That is crazy

I know (laughs)  I literally could have put the car in the back of the truck! 

I had a Fiat 500 Turbo as a daily drive, so the truck was more for winter and the trailer, but that is what I took with me on that one special birthday. It stayed there, and the TTS came home. My parameters were a ‘sports car’, but I was unsure what – I knew I wanted a convertible and I knew it would be European.  So the TTS it was.


Can we chat about the Audi Club. What led you into being President for your chapter?

Well, I could see my friends in the Porsche car clubs doing the social aspect really well.  I knew there were more Audi’s than Porsches, so I was pretty sure that people would be keen. At the time, although the Audi Club North America Western Canada  was established, there were no volunteers at a local level.  After a few months of discussion with the Club, I decided to get involved at a local level along with Ryan Ponto, our VP.We didn’t  have anything close by so after a good few months of discussion with other people who were interested, I set one up in Edmonton.


Was it the social aspect that appealed the most? 

Hmmm…it was, but it was also about getting out and driving with others. When I was growing up, we always did road trips as a family.  My biggest passion outside of cars is travel. I think there is something about getting out to explore, and as much as I love going overseas, there is something special about Canada. I think the older you get, the more you appreciate the history, the backbone of the community and the scenery of the country. You don’t get to see the rural towns by flying. By driving you get to be a part of it.  Some of my best memories in the past few years with my wife  have been exploring new areas of Canada in the TTS.


You created that picture perfectly. Is this a long term point of view – could you  tell us the first car you owned?

I can. It was a 1988 Ford bronco II.  My parents gave to me while I was studying in post-secondary school.

After some time, it got the point were I  was wondering how much it was going to cost me to keep it in a drivable condition. To avoid any financial surprises,and because I was keen to have something reliable and that was a  ‘fixed cost’, I went to an Acura 1.7EL (Honda civic in the UK) I loved that car, but I  love manual transmission. I think it gives a real connection to the road. 


Where do you think your love of cars comes from?

On reflection now,  I can remember every car my parents ever had. I think it’s more the stories linked to the cars. Our family cars were not luxury or sports, but they were ours.

My first realisation of a dream car, was the Lamborghini Countach or Diablo. I think if I could choose anything, it might be one of those vintage cars.

Really, that is a surprise considering what you drive now?

I just think the vintage cars are so individual and they  last forever – and no shared parts, like the car of today have ( e.g: one car giant making 5 different models). The vintage cars of the past have a uniqueness that perhaps is not so visible in the cars of today.


What are your top tips for someone looking to do mods?

I bought my car from a VW dealer, so when I started wanting to do mods, I knew I wanted to work with a local shop that would be knowledgeable.  I started to work with Rivercity Motors in Edmonton. It was my first time outside of the actual dealer support but Rivercity were keen to help me achieve my vision. I would say finding a shop who have the experience and passion  – that you trust is key.  Also, talk to your car-tribe. In our club, we exchange tips like this all the time.  Edmonton is fortunate enough to have a couple of great Audi specialized tuning shops.

Why did you choose MSS?

When I looked at the suspension, I really didn’t want coilovers as I did not want to lose the factory engineered magnetic ride. 

I was recommended to look at MSS. The challenge for us in Canada is that we are a smaller commercial market, so when we look to purchase it can be tough on the exchange rate. So it’s really fantastic that Eurosport Tuning will be distributing MSS in the country.


How did it feel after MSS was installed?

It was an instant improvement!  I used to apply throttle, feel a ‘dip, and then launch.  After the MSS install – it there was an instant connection to the road and it was stiffer – especially in sport mode even in street mode (which I always use to handle the potholes in Edmonton)

As I drove away from the shop, I was like ‘ WOW! I can honestly say modifying the suspension has been the best thing I ever did.

What are your overall thoughts on MSS?

In comparison to a coilover, MSS is a fraction of the price, and even better on results -because you still maintain the originally engineered magnetic ride.

What I loved was the ability to lower the centre of gravity, from a performance standpoint – and from a looks standpoint.  I also think it’s really great, being able to tweak the height to what I want. 

MSS is so simple, there are no crazy moving parts. But the modularity means that I can add or change. I am already looking to upgrade from the sport springs in the back to the Track springs to match my existing Track springs in the front.

If you really want to do what your car was intended to do, for me,  MSS brings the full enhancement. From a safety aspect as well – if you need to turn evasively, you DO have that better connection with the road.  

On the stops as well, I feel like they are much better, and I think as long I feel that, it’s all that matters – because then I feel more confident when I’m making decisions.

When I get out with my sports car friends at private rally’s, the performance is not always what you would expect. If you want a car that is going to handle infinitely better – MSS is the simplest thing possible to bring that next level..

What would you say to someone who was thinking of buying MSS

It’s simple. Adding an extra level of confidence to your car’s ability. The moment you have it, you will wonder why you never did it before. The connection to the road is unbelievable. 

I believe MSS makes an EXCEPTIONAL product. Not just a good one, an exceptional one! And I love your recent packaging.  Also, the ability to be able to reach out easily with any questions is great. The personal responsiveness really makes a difference.


Audi Club, Canada, Western Chapter

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