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MSS 2020 Product Showcase: BMW

MSS BMW Sport Range

“Developing the BMW range has been a labour of love. I feel real pride to be able to support the loyal BMW enthusiasts.” William Blankson, Founder and Head of Engineering.

Our first product showcase of 2020 is the MSS Sport range for the BMW 1-5 Series.

BMW is a car close to our heart and we understand the loyalty drivers feel. From our experience, the BMW driver is passionate about reaching optimum ride performance – which makes MSS the perfect fit. 

Our engineers in the UK work with absolute precision to fine tune each product to suit your vehicle and its subtle nuances. After installation, you are in control of the finishing touch – adjusting the ride height to where is best for you. The bespoke engineering and flexibility makes MSS a niche product in the suspension marketplace.

As BMW attracts such loyalty, we have a growing product range to suit body styles, series range and model years – so we can stay with you as your ride evolves and changes. Installing MSS Sport means you get to control every movement of your BMW, regardless of model, while driving hard on the road.

MSS Sport

MSS Sport will equip your BMW with stunning performance and a more controlled ride. 

It’s designed for the performance road driver who drives hard on the road and occasionally at the track. When fitted with MSS Sport, your car remains composed in all conditions – even when cornering or accelerating. This is just one of the benefits of having a heavy-duty rated spring kit installed onto your vehicle. 

Ensuring limitless driving fun and excellent ride handling all year round, MSS Sport truly is the most versatile product in the MSS range.

These are the BMW 1-5 Series models that MSS Sport is available for…

BMW 1-Series

BMW 1 Series

The 1-Series range by BMW comprises subcompact executive cars. 

Shop BMW 1-Series products below: 

BMW 1-Series F20 Hatchback (5-door)
BMW 1-Series F21 Hatchback (3-door)

BMW 2-Series

2 Series BMW

Similar to the 1-Series, the BMW 2-Series is a range of subcompact executive cars, available in a variety of body styles.

Find BMW 2-Series products here: 

BMW 2-Series F22 Coupe
BMW 2-Series F23 Cabriolet

BMW 3-Series

3 Series BMW

The 3-Series BMW range has been manufactured since 1975! This range consists of compact executive cars.

Discover a product for your BMW 3-Series below: 

BMW 3-Series Saloon
BMW M3 F80 Saloon

BMW 4-Series

4 Series BMW

4-Series BMWs include coupe, convertible and fastback models. This range has been in production since 2013. 

Currently available for the below models:

BMW 4-Series Coupe
BMW 4-Series F33 Cabriolet
BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe

BMW 5-Series

5 Series BMW

The 5-Series BMW is an executive car that has been manufactured since 1972 and is the successor to the new class Sedans.

Available MSS products for the 5-Series are: 

BMW 5-Series Saloon
BMW M5 F90 Saloon

All MSS aftermarket suspension solutions deliver superior performance, unparalleled comfort and enhanced safety – in one product and without compromise. 

For resellers interested in distributing our BMW range of products, please get in touch for more information.

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