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MSS 2020 Product Showcase: Audi Q2 and Q5


“Audi deserves genuine credit for the Q2 and Q5. These vehicles are very smart in appearance, but the handling could be improved. We particularly wanted to provide drivers with a suspension product to combat the sometimes sluggish steering. MSS Urban is a subtle and supportive partner to drivers. Bringing ride comfort and steering to a level of excellence that is only realised as a necessity, once the difference has been experienced”  William Blankson, Founder and Head of Engineering


Audi Q2

The Q2 is a mini SUV manufactured by Audi. The vehicle was first unveiled back in March 2016 at the Geneva Motor Show, with it then being available to purchase from November that same year.

What can you expect after installation?

Installing MSS on the Q2 really does enhance the ride and handling of the vehicle. Bumps in the road feel smoothed out, providing a more comfortable driving experience for everyone in the car, and allowing the Q2 the opportunity to reach its true potential. Installing URBAN takes this already very competent vehicle to another level of driving excellence.

 Audi Q5

The Q5 is a series of compact luxury crossover SUVs by Audi that have been in production since 2008. 

When we worked on URBAN for the Q5, it was the first time we had developed our unique ‘stacked’ arrangement for the front axle as well as the rear, and to date it is the only one with this particular set-up in our range. We were convinced that having MSS set up in this way would deliver the supreme level of improvement we wanted to bring to this platform, and in our opinion the result was stunning.

What can you expect after installation?

When MSS Urban is installed on the Q5, the vehicle feels considerably more stable. The steering goes from being a little slow on the uptake, to quicker and more responsive. Whilst the Q5 retains its presence on the road having URBAN onboard transforms it, and this substantial SUV feels like you’re behind the wheel of a zippy Mini. The struggle that is often felt with bends is soon turned into the feeling of a straight road – instantly increasing confidence on the road and putting you in control of your drive. 

MSS Urban 

URBAN is a recent addition to the MSS product line. We developed this product to cater for SUV drivers’ specific needs, providing you with a significant ride-quality upgrade over OEM and traditional aftermarket suspension options. 

Our unique dual-stacked, triple rated springs enhance the versatility of your SUV, and each product has been finely tuned and fully optimised to deliver a smoother and more comfortable ride – perfect for long journeys. 

Order MSS for the Audi Q2 here.

Order MSS for the Audi Q5 here 

 All of our aftermarket suspension solutions deliver superior performance, unparalleled comfort and enhanced safety – in one product and without compromise. 

 If you interested in distributing MSS products, please contact us for more information.

 Read more about URBAN here

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