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Introducing MSS Urban for SUV

MSS Urban - Mercedes GLC

Introducing URBAN.

A highly specific suspension solution engineered for the SUV driver. Finely tuned to individual models, delivering lower profile capabilities, increased ride quality, sharper handling and drastically improved comfort, than OEM and traditional suspension.

Available for a growing range of premium SUVs, the first wave of releases includes five of our favourites: BMW X3 M, X4 M, Audi Q2 and Q5, and Mercedes GLC; with pre-orders already being taken for the X3 M here. Over the next few weeks, we will be talking about these models in much more detail, delving deeper into each individual driving experience, but for now, here is just a taster of what URBAN brings to each one.


MSS Urban - BMW X3 M

Fantastic lowering capabilities with hugely improved comfort in all modes and increased confidence in the wet. Reduces the distracting jolts and noise from uneven roads. This product has the same capabilities across the current X3 platform. The URBAN product fits all models and engine sizes in the range, from the base model up to the M Competition models.


MSS Urban - BMW X4 M

Enjoy full existing performance capabilities with fantastic comfort and a quieter drive. The URBAN product fits all models in the range, from the base model up to the M Competition models.

Audi Q2

MSS Urban - Audi Q2

The Q2 ride is further improved and refined to glide over bumps, takes an already competent vehicle to an impressive level. The URBAN product fits all models and engine sizes in the range, from the base model up to the SQ models.

Audi Q5

MSS Urban - Audi Q5

Q5 benefits from increased stability and comfort. Steering becomes so responsive that this beast is tamed to the size and feel of a Mini. The URBAN product fits all models and engine sizes in the range, from the base model up to the SQ models.

Mercedes GLC

MSS Urban - Mercedes GLC

An injection of agility for a reserved vehicle. Ride performance is transformed with a reduced role. Delivers a zippier drive with more stability. The URBAN product fits all models and engine sizes in the range, from the base model up to the AMG models.

Why We Developed The SUV Range

Put simply, amongst the main reasons people choose to own and drive SUVs is the perceived flexibility and versatility of the ride and handling. Modern SUVs are billed by the manufacturers as luxurious all-weather warriors, which are also supposedly safer; and increasingly are capable of the kind of performance only found on supercars when the category became popular.

But here’s the thing, the standard OEM suspension is simply incapable of delivering all those things without compromise – meaning your SUV is not the vehicle it could be or indeed should be.

MSS’ game-changing suspension technology provides the solution. Unlike OEM systems which rely on one fixed rate spring, MSS instead utilises two active springs with three separate spring rates.

This unique configuration provides a huge range of capability in operation – and a super smooth and linear transition between radically different handling situations. Each URBAN product is developed and finely tuned to work optimally with your specific SUV model, to deliver the following core benefits:

Unparalleled Comfort

Experience a smoother, quieter and a more composed drive. The MSS dual-stacked, triple rated spring configuration more effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations whilst driving, minimising the kind of distracting background road noise which causes real discomfort as the miles roll by.

Sharper Handling – When You Need It

MSS Urban transforms your SUVs handling when pressing on. As generally taller and heavier vehicles, SUVs are prone to becoming unsettled quickly when changing direction and when on the gas or on the brakes. MSS Urban upgrade allows you to turn sharper, brake later and accelerate sooner. Roll, pitch, dive and squat – all noticeably controlled and reduced.

Enhanced Safety

Drive with confidence knowing that you are better protected against loss of traction and control, even on wet roads. Violent spring oscillations associated with hazardous or emergency situations are quickly transferred to the shock absorbers, allowing tyres to regain contact with the road and for you to recover control of your SUV.

Easy Installation, With No Modifications Needed

As a spring based solution, MSS Urban is a true bolt-on upgrade which will not damage your SUV in any way. Perfect for lease drivers who want to quickly and easily reinstate their vehicle back to original specification at the end of term. 

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