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Imran Arshad, Founder of Evolve Automotive, Talks About ‘MSS Products for Tesla’


In this blog, we meet  ‘Imran Arshad, Founder of Evolve Automotive & ‘Global Distribution Partner of MSS Products for Tesla’


Hi Imran, thanks for chatting to us

No Problem

You are pretty well known on social media, but tell us a bit more about Evolve Automotive? 

Evolve initially came about from a side hustle. I was into modifying cars and exploring products that made claims about increasing power and performance, but I tested them, I sometimes found a lot of these ‘grand claims’ just did not stick, and there were only a few companies at the time that were doing good work.

The car I was modifying at the time, got a lot of attention, and would lead to people asking for advice about their own car’s. I was in a full-time job at the time, but eventually, I began to think that my side hustle could become a business.  It was a dream to think I could make money from it – But luckily I did!

Could you tell us about the Evolve of today?

We have taken Evolve from a company that is all about making cars go faster, to a range of other things –  I have created new and successful brands that I am really proud of, one for carbon fibre intake, one for wheels and our latest project is carbon fibre body kits.

This is what led us to Tesla – a lot of our customers have a Tesla as a daily car, but they can be considered as a bit bland  – so we felt there was a real market from an aesthetic point of view

Is this how the Global Distribution Partnership came about?


Absolutely, I have known William and the MSS brand since 2011, having supported and tested the BMW products, so it made perfect sense for us to link up as on tesla – as they are the number one EV in the world! Having experienced the impact of MSS on BMW and other platforms, when the Tesla product conversation started, I knew this was an opportunity that I could not miss.

What are your thoughts about Tesla?


A  Tesla makes perfect sense if you are looking for an economical commuter. It’s a comfortable drive – and it’s techy  – so if you enjoy seeing all the screen gadgets etc, this will ring your bells.


What has been your personal experience of driving one?

In its original state, the Tesla Model 3, is quite soft. In my opinion, if you want a sporty performance there is room for improvement


And what is your experience of Tesla Model 3 with MSS installed?


With MSS installed you can really have some fun.

For example on twisty country lanes, the turning is a lot sharper, and as far as I am concerned, the comfort level has been retained – which is a forte of all MSS products.

With MSS you are able to lower the car and have comfort. Most of the time when you lower a car with traditional lowering springs, the ride is compromised as you feel every single bump when the dampers are unable to cope. But with MSS there is no compromise

Another thing we also noticed, is that the range has improved through lowering.

Can you explain that for us?



We noted that the target range of charge, that is given at the start of a journey (basically how far you will get with the charge available) in our experience was not usually quite reached.

However, since lowering with MSS, our Tesla is meeting that range. So for us – the car has become more efficient.


I want to be clear. This one is tricky to officially quantify – which I always like to do in any testing, but we personally saw an improvement.

And it’s not the first time I have heard of it – My understanding is that it is related to the drag of the car is reduced. But again –  but this is my OWN personal experience.


If a reseller is interested in working with Evolve Automotive and stocking MSS products for Tesla, what can they expect?


Foremost, our product knowledge of MSS and our knowledge of the Tesla marketplace.

Also, a very focused response time. Because we already have an established distribution network globally, supply can be with resellers in a couple of days (depending on location)

With our distribution network, it made sense to distribute a product that I love.

And MSS is great quality.


Finally, Let’s go back to you – can you share your favourite drive destination?

Definitely The Alps – driving through the mountain passes. The switchbacks. The scenery is amazing and you don’t see another car for ages.


I thought you were going to say the Autobahn?

No! I like corners


Do you think that is why you are particularly passionate about the steering benefits of MSS?

Yeah maybe – But MSS is a really good combination of both. It brings comfort when needed, and handling when you want to drive in that way.



All MSS aftermarket suspension solutions deliver superior performance, unparalleled comfort and enhanced safety – in one product and without compromise.

For details on stocking or purchasing  MSS for Tesla products please email Evolve Automotive 


Watch the full review of MSS for Tesla here

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