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Driver Spotlight: Lowered Audi RS3


When the talented photographer Tyler Hubert sent us photos of a gleaming, MSS-lowered RS3, we had to find out the back-story

Step up Mr Jake Heiserman, a mortgage broker by occupation, but a sports car fan in his spare time.

Describing himself as an ‘enthusiast’, Jake is married to Ally and they welcomed baby Sadie a few months ago, their husky McCoy completes the Heiserman crew.

Jake jumped onto a Zoom call with us, to chat about how he was converted to Audi, why he chose MSS ..oh, and he also tells us his top driving tunes.

It’s great to speak to you Jake, and the photos that Tyler sent to us are fantastic. Have you always been an Audi guy?

No problem at all, I agree – Tyler did a great job.

In answer to your question, Audi converted me a couple of years ago. Before this RS3 I had a 2017 S3 in black for about a year which was my first Audi. Prior to that I was in a plethora of random cars including a 2 door, manual Wrangler, where I could take the doors and roof off – it was lifted as well – real fun! Before that I was in a 2011 Hyundai Sonata, so it’s been a varied journey to say the least.

You describe yourself as an ‘enthusiast’ . What do you mean by that?

I really enjoy cars – in particular sports cars. In high school I had a Mustang that I suped up and modified as far as I could. I’ve always had the passion, and I like having a car that looks different, and has the ability to go fast when you want it to.

I also love the fact that cars can build community. I’m heavily involved with Kansas City and Kansas local car groups, and I’m also the founder of @5cylhomies, as well as being active in the Audi Club of Kansas City Chapter. 

What specifically do you love about Audi – you mention they ‘converted’ you?

I have never driven a car that has the attention to detail that I think Audi has. The interiors are pretty similar across the A3, S3 and RS3, but the level of detail is unmatched in my opinion. When I show the interior to someone who has never been inside, they tend to comment on things like the stitching,  the condition of the seats and the carbon inlays. The technology of the car is also amazing, and from a  performance point of view, the 5 cylinder is unique. Not a lot of people know what the 5 Cylinder is – and I feel it takes it to another level.

The other big point for me is maintenance. Having owned both an S3 and an RS3, I have never had a single problem, not a breakdown or anything. Not only is it about reliability, I think the German car market has the performance aspect covered in a big way. Developing BMW, Mercedes and Audi – all of these cars are just insane in terms of performance. For me it’s about the experience of the car and Audi have captivated me. I have to take at least a 30-minute drive every day. It’s like an addiction, you feel good and it releases your mind. I believe it’s testament to  the standard and driving experience of the car that promotes that feeling.

You are pretty evangelical about your Audi, why did you want to add anything to it?

Well, I wanted to get it a little bit lower. OEM ride height is pretty ‘up there’ when you have aftermarket wheels on, and I wanted to get it lowered down.

How did you hear about MSS?

A fellow ‘RS’ owner called Seth Norton, he lives in my city and lowered his car using MSS Sport. Seth raved about you guys, so I spoke to a broker I use, Paul Gionta from Supreme Power. He got hold of the MSS Sport kit and had it delivered to me.

What were your first impressions?

Well first off, the box looked amazing, and it was  in perfect condition. I loved the black and the orange accents. People around me have also been impressed, not only with the time and effort you have put into the ‘appeal’ of the packaging, but also how it was boxed, I mean it was all itemised and individually wrapped. It was really easy to see what goes where.

That is brilliant feedback Jake, thank you!  Can you tell us about your install?

I went to my local shop, Chicane MotorSports. They also did Seth’s car, so knew MSS well

Can you describe the effect of MSS on your car?

I could feel the difference straight away – even driving back from the shop! 

I live in a suburb of Kansas City, and coming out of winter, we have a lot of bumps and potholes that come from the weather eating up the road. This can mean that if you do hit one, you are gonna feel it  – even in comfort mode.

Specifically, the journey back from Chicane installing MSS,involves a real mix of terrain, including a bumpy road and a highway. The car felt so much better than it did OEM.

Of course, I did try to go around the potholes, but if I did come into contact with one  – I actually didn’t feel it at all. The feedback through the steering has disappeared, regardless of mode, and overall the ride experience is really consistent.

I am going to be honest, I have heard horror stories about using lowering springs – not about MSS I hasten to add! But there is a wider conversation that they can be too stiff, or too bouncy, or  too noisy. But not with MSS – not only is my car lower, I truly feel that my ride has improved – there are none of the issues I mention. It doesn’t matter if I’m going straight or on turns. I truly feel that my ride experience has improved. 

The price is really competitive – especially as they are adjustable, it’s inexpensive because all the tech is right there. 

Now we want to know some more about you. Can you tell us what you are listening to in the car?

Oh man….OK, well I  listen to a lot of Drake and I use Spotify  for shuffling

Tell us your best road trip.

I tend not to go long long distances in this car, as I’m keen not to damage the paintwork, but I am part of a group that has some exotic cars in it – anything from Mclarens, to R8’s and Corvettes. I get invited and we head out on 2-3 hour cruises on the back roads of Missouri – it’s a ton of fun! I can’t wait to take it out with the MSS on it to see the benefits on the turns.

If you could choose anyone at all as your dream passenger, who would it be?

Gonna have to say my wife 

Well done Jake! 8 million points to you

(laughs) ..Yeah…my wife and my baby girl Sadie

Thank you so much for your time Jake. We know how much love and time our customers put into their vehicles and we want MSS to be a premium experience.

It IS! Premium packaging …..and premium ride experience!


We hope you enjoyed reading about Jake’s MSS journey. You can find your own perfect MSS product by clicking here.

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