REVIEW: Australian based RS3 Sedan with MSS Sports

William Blankson

Being a car enthusiast I have always taken interest in customising cars. Over the years and through experience, if there is one thing not to compromise on is a good suspension setup.

With the RS3, my aim was to achieve a lower ride height but at the same time retain the functionality of the magnetic ride system. Having read good reviews about the MSS springs I decided to get a set on the Audi. Right from the get-go, I was really pleased with how nice the car felt on the new setup. Imperfections on the road are soaked up with no jarring or that crashy feel you get from substandard springs. Ride comfort is about the same as the OEM springs with less dive and squat and firmer in Dynamic when compared to the OEM setup. I’ve tried both the Street and Track versions on the RS3.

I’ve taken the car for some spirited runs through the hills and I am amazed at how well this car handles. Very pleased with the MSS product and wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend this to my family and friends.

Customer service from the team at MSS and in particular William is second to none. It’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with the company. I look forward to many more smiles per gallon. Audi RS3 and MSS springs is a solid combination. Highly recommended.

Included are some recent photos of the Melbourne Audi S/RS drive day.

Shaan Varma

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