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We believe in simplicity. Thanks to your feedback, global demand and a little fine tuning, we’ve been able to achieve this.  As of the 15th of July – 14th July 2020, we’re launching a new flat pricing structure of RRP £600 + VAT across all our updated and simplified product range.

This new offer seeks to make the trademark orange springs even more attainable and pitches them very competitively against the best products in the market, not least dropping the price so you can consider the MSS height adjustable setup, with all of the benefits of coilovers, without any of the drawbacks. Crucially, the financial and comfort implications of having to remove the adaptive damping systems in many modern vehicles, becomes a thing of the past with MSS.

Unlike conventional height adjustable solutions, our product features built in couplers and adjuster mechanisms both front and rear, allowing you to use your cars standard shocks. Whatever the setting our in house development and testing has shown that the factory shocks can still keep pace with the Eibach produced springs for well over 100,000+ miles. This enables us to provide you with a lifetime guarantee on all MSS parts.

Whether you opt for Streets, Sports or Track specification springs – or your destined to be shopping around town or pedalling around their favourite racetrack, the flat pricing structure keeps things simple at RRP £600 + VAT across the range, so you can enjoy unparalleled comfort, stability and safety.

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