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In 2009, I took delivery of a sports car only to find the ride comfort was harsh and the performance handling did not meet my needs nor was there a solution in the marketplace that could address both issues in a single package.

After unsuccessful attempts to find a solution searching the marketplace, I decided to develop a solution in 2010, working in partnership with Eibach, to address the gap in the market. By 2013, we had successfully developed and tested two solutions and named these MSS – Modular Suspension Solutions. 

100 units of MSS Sports was our first product shipped in the summer of 2013 and many of our foundation customers are great friends some I keep in regular contact with to today, thank you my good friends.  

MSS has since been expanded to multiple vehicle makes and models today driven by our customers for whom a single simple cost-effective direct replacement solution for the original factory part that address ride comfort and performance handling issues is very much a desired requirement. 

It is often said that one size rarely fits all, which I agree. However, there is something very special about being able to choose a product to your exacting individual needs. 

Thank you for your continued support.

William Blankson

MSS Explained

Think of MSS Ride Management System as a ‘Speaker system’ which is made up of dedicated speaker components designed to operate at its optimum within a focused frequency range as follows.  

  • Tweeters handle high-pitched audio frequencies.
  • Mid-woofers handle mid-range audio frequencies.
  • Subwoofers handle low-pitched audio frequencies.

The MSS Ride Management System, with the triple-rated stacked rear springs arrangement acts exactly in the same way as the ‘Speaker system’ and as follows:

  • The low-rated springs in the stacked arrangement, rated from as little as 100 pounds per inch, acts as the ‘tweeters’ and handles smaller road surface bumps to ensure a smoother ride when travelling at lower speeds of below 30mph on rough roads.
  • The middle-rated springs in the stacked arrangement, rated from as little as 300 pounds per inch, acts as the ‘mid-woofers’ and are designed to handle a wide range of small to large road surface bumps to stabilise the vehicle. These, like the mid-woofers, are the most versatile springs in the stacked arrangement and function across a wide range of driving speeds up to 70mph or scenarios such as turning, braking or accelerating when the vehicle may roll, squat or dive on wet or dry roads.
  • The heavy-duty rated springs, rated over 2500 pounds per inch, can be thought of as the subwoofers. They perform a supporting role to stabilise the vehicle at higher speeds (over 70mph) to reduce roll, squat or dive.

The function of each spring range is further explained below in five key traits for everyday use:

  • Stability is maintained during high speed cornering or braking to ensure the vehicle is not easily unsettled, attributed to the middle and heavy-duty rated springs keeping sudden suspension movements to minimal.
  • Ride Comfort is enhanced over rougher roads mainly attributed to the smaller and middle rated springs with the heavy-duty rated spring playing a subtle role to ensure sudden vehicle movement is effectively controlled.
  • Composed and balanced handling is evident during daily driving or use on a race track. Trait is mainly attributed to the heavy-duty rated springs working with the middle-rated springs to smooth out vehicle body movements.
  • Squatting under acceleration is reduced and the benefit of the heavy-duty rated springs becomes apparent when cornering or accelerating as the vehicle remains composed in dry or wet road conditions all year round.
  • Dive during braking is reduced to minimal due to the rear stacked arrangement progressive counteracting effect reducing the rate of load transferred to the front ride management system under braking on wet or dry roads.

The different compression, rebound and load handling capabilities of each spring in the rear stacked arrangement, with their counteracting operation, combines with the front ride management system to offer enhanced ride comfort as well as enhanced performance handling on wet or dry roads.

The MSS Full Ride Management System

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