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Control Is Everything

MSS creates game-changing suspension solutions for the driver who demands the ultimate control of their driving experience.

Triple engineered technology

Thanks to MSS technology the driver is put in full control of their ride and handling experience.

MSS utilises two active springs with three separate spring rates: the single rated orange spring and the dual rated black spring. This combination delivers a huge range of capability in operation - a smooth and almost linear transition.

The technology benefits

Thanks to its patented, triple stack spring technology, MSS can for the first time, deliver improved performance, comfort and safety, within one product - and without compromise.


Superior Performance

Experience a total transformation of your vehicles handling when driving hard.

Two active springs and three separate spring rates deal with a much wider range of situations when driving near the limits. Distinct benefits from the reduced roll and pitch - whether it be dive or a squat, enables you to turn sharper, brake later and accelerate sooner respectively.


Unparalleled Comfort

Upgrade your ride quality and enjoy a smoother, quieter and more composed drive.

Shocks and vibrations caused by bumps and the roughness of the road surface are both more effectively absorbed by the dual stacked, triple rated springs - rather than being transmitted through to the cabin as jolting and distracting road noise.


Enhanced Safety

Drive with confidence knowing that you are protected against loss of traction and control - even on wet roads.

Within the dual stacked, triple rated spring arrangement are springs specifically designed for safety. These reduce the violent spring oscillations associated with hazardous and emergency situations, quickly transferring these forces to the shock absorber. At this point tyres recover contact with the road - and control is regained.

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Discover your drive

MSS is available in 3 states of tune - Urban, Sport and Track - to suit a wide range of vehicles and individual driver requirements. Whether you are a premium SUV driver, sports and track day enthusiast or out and out racer, upgrading to MSS allows you to better control the road and your driving experience.

MSS Urban

MSS Urban is our latest addition and has been developed to specifically meet the needs of the SUV driver looking for a significant ride-quality upgrade over OEM and traditional aftermarket suspension options.

Enhancing the versatility of the SUV, MSS’ unique dual-stacked, triple-rated springs overcome the demands of day-to-day driving, including more driving stability and a reduction in the discomfort often felt on rough roads.

Our passion for SUV owners to enjoy the benefits of a superior suspension has resulted in each URBAN product being finely tuned and fully optimised to work perfectly with your specific SUV model. This will deliver a smoother and more comfortable ride - perfect for longer journeys, the steering demands of city driving or maximising open road opportunities. Upgrade your ride quality and experience your SUV in a whole new way.

MSS Sport

MSS Sport is for the performance road driver who drives hard on the road and occasionally at the track. Upgrade and experience a total transformation of your vehicle’s performance handling - and a more controlled ride.

Our unique dual-stacked, triple-rated springs are proudly European - designed and engineered in the UK, and manufactured in Germany.

Unlike OEM and traditional aftermarket suspension, our two active springs and three separate spring rates deal with a much wider range of situations when driving near the limits. Distinct benefits from the reduced roll and pitch - whether it be dive or a squat - enables you to turn sharper, brake later and accelerate sooner.

MSS Track

Our sportiest state of tune, MSS Track is a high-performance range with a proven motorsport pedigree. Successfully used by racers in competition, MSS Track is also fully road legal.

For a race-grade product, Track delivers a composed enough ride for moderate distances on the road, which makes it the perfect choice for track day enthusiasts looking to drive to and from the racetrack. MSS products are the result of a special collaboration of British engineering and German manufacture.

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What our customers are saying

MSS Urban

In short, MSS is the real deal and I will be making that clear when I post. I suspect my opinion will be echoed by my instructor, who was equally impressed.

— Michael

The first thing that I wanted was your springs, the stock is just not worthy
When i installed the springs on my car i jumped in and i noticed it in a don't feel that bumpy ride as before.

— Hendrick

The height is just perfect, the arch gap is so even all round!!!!

— A Happy Customer

I love the product and favour it over the (competitor) variant which requires additional delete kits and... and... and...
I have introduced so many people to your product all over the world and everyone has come back with positive feedback.

— Shaun

MSS Urban

I appreciated the 'packet' you used to house the instructions, etc. within the box. It reinforces the premier experience of your product... It was obvious to me throughout the un-boxing process that someone had spent a great deal of time thinking about each step and how to make them consistent so that the overall experience was not let down.

— Karl

MSS Track very much satisfied my need for a track-capable but street-focused ‘best of both’ set-up. The car is wonderfully composed and comfortable, whether it be around town or at 130mph on the Autobahn, with improved predictability and balance that brings out extra enjoyment and confidence when pressing on.

— Ross

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